Jasper Leyland

Capsize EP

August 2005



The debut EP from Jasper Leyland combines minimal drone structures and subtly ebbing texture with playfully rhythmic acoustic manipulations and splashes of field recordings. With production methods moving between sampler/ effects and laptop, the release documents an artist evolving in his musical means and processes while simultaneously converging on a coherent sound.
Opener ‘Blackdale’ was recorded live without using a computer, manipulating sampler loops and vinyl run-off grooves through effects and a mixer to create rippling crackles and tones, with warm synth drones gradually exposed underneath. Second track ‘Hale’ was created using a similar process, and both pieces are based around sounds from a keyboard found in a skip outside the Leyland residence.
In contrast to this live approach, the third and fourth tracks are the results of initial experiments with software, and focus on digital manipulations of acoustic instruments. ‘Capsize’, the EP’s title track and centrepiece, builds a rhythmic framework from cut-up chimes, creating a wonderfully natural sense of space and allowing hummingbird-like textures to weave in and out. The first part of ‘Copper’ is the most digitally processed offering, rendering an acoustic guitar almost unrecognisable in bursts of bustling clicks, flickering frequencies and frayed eddies. By contrast the second part of the track sees the laptop abandoned again for another semi-improvised live recording. This ten minute closing piece moves from calm opening loops towards ambient space-rock territory, propelled by waves of uplifting synth chords and delayed guitars.
The 32 minute CD comes in a black card sleeve with cover photograph by Cecilia Ek.

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2. Hale