Mole Harness

Stray Dog Army EP

November 2004



'Stray Dog Army’ is a collection of five Mole Harness tracks recorded over two years. The EP originally came out on Tokyo label Universal Frequencies, and this release includes a nine minute new track not on the Japanese version. The five tracks have various different origins. ‘Stray Dog Army’ was originally part of a live soundtrack to Kenneth Anger’s film ‘Inauguration of the Pleasuredome’, which was first performed in early 2003. ‘Ending too soon’ was written in 2002 for a proposed 7 inch of one minute tracks which was never released, while ‘Ripples on underground lakes’ was completed just after the ‘All Your Memories…’ album. These three tracks are bookended by two brand new, more minimalist pieces, and the 24 minute CD comes in a card sleeve with cover photo by Cecilia Ek. This release marks something of a watershed for Mole Harness, as it collects together all remaining tracks written or begun on the sampler which first inspired the project 3 years ago.

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1.Living on seaweed & moths

2. Ripples on underground lakes

3.Ending too soon

4.Stray dog army

5.Roman roads