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From Norwich, England comes Jonathan Brewster with a surprisingly effective disc under the Jasper Leyland moniker. With just a few means and rather intelligent compositional skills, "Margin" manages to outshine many lavishly produced albums where microsounds often seem to have been deployed by microbrains. Brewster assembled various instruments (especially guitars, gently strummed and/or looped in exquisite fashion) and a little bit of field recordings and electronics to release a statement which is concise and straight to the point, as the five tracks comprised by this CD are oriented to a heartwarming - at times delightful - organic minimalism that finds its best expression in the cinematic "Riseholme" and in the truly gorgeous resonant waves of the final "Prospect". To add another compliment, this is a rare case of music that works well in every setting: I tried it by headphones first, discovering a whole subterranean activity of hisses, clicks and cicadas accompanying the basic constructions of the tracks; then I played "Margin" at low volume in my room, which almost instantly returned the favour with warm reverberations and almost joyful contributions from those whitewashed walls that usually accept much worse offences from yours truly; but they looked even brighter this time.

Massimo Ricci

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