Review of Jasper Leyland 'Margin' album from Smallfish Records website:

There's a gentler side to all of us, I think. Sometimes it manifests itself in our actions and other times it comes across in our choice of music. The softer side of the minimalistic Electronica / organic scene is something that I'm extremely keen on, as some of you will probably know, and it's with a great deal of pleasure that we can bring you this superb album from Jasper Leyland on Mole Harness's Stray Dog Army label. Put together with a keen attention to detail, the tracks on this CD are beautifully layered and structured slices of manipulated guitar and electronic music. There are, at times, shades of the work of influential artists such as Taylor Deupree, Minamo or Greg Davis, but the tracks always retain their own flavour throughout. Hypnotic and fragile loops of sound wind their way through each piece and the subtle shifts in tone really work a treat. It's ambient, yes, but with such an engaging feel that it never, ever feels bland or soulless... quite the contrary, actually as there's a genuine warmth and emotion here that's aching to get out and take hold of the listener. A very talented young man indeed, then, and an album that comes highly recommended. Wonderful stuff.

Mike Oliver

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