Review of Jasper Leyland 'Margin' album from Leonard's Lair website:

Earlier this year the Stray Dog Army label brought us an album from Mole Harness; a supremely well crafted and accessible exercise in guitar and electronic melody. Next up is Jasper Leyland (or Jonathan Brewster to his friends and family) who is tantalisingly described as a "sound explorer". True to this claim, Brewster sculptures ambient pieces based largely on drone and acoustic material. No surprise then that its experimental nature will not necessarily satisfy Mole Harness fans. However, the addition of field recordings lends these tracks a human, organic feel that draws parallels to late-period Talk Talk. The two key tracks are 'Riseholme' abd 'Prospect'; the former is like a haunting soundtrack for being lost in the woods whilst the latter is a work of hypnotic dreaminess. Whichever way you view 'Margin', it's a record which grows in stature with each listen.

Jonathan Leonard

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