The latest Stray Dog Army release is a mini album from Mole Harness entitled 'flaws and characteristics'. Mole Harness ended on 9th December 2008 (exactly 7 years after the project began on the same date in 2001) and the event was marked by this final release. It's 32 minutes in length, consisting of 4 tracks, and is out now and available from the shop page. A full 10 minute track 'a brush with bitterness' is available for download now on the MP3s page.

James Brewster will continue to release music and play live under his own name, as well as with various collaborative constellations. For latest news on these activities go to his new artist website here. The first James Brewster solo album, provisionally entitled 'Your life was but a trick of the light', is currently being finished and will be released some time in 2009.

Some new copies of the third Mole Harness album 'out of the walled pathway' are available now from the shop page. These are in different packaging to the original edition of 150 which sold out well over a year ago.

April 2008: The seventh release on Stray Dog Army, an EP by Centreless, is out now and available from the shop page. Centreless is a new project from James Brewster, focusing on field recordings and abstract digitally processed sounds. The EP consists of three parts, and the first part is available for free download in the MP3s section.

February 2008: The new Jasper Leyland album 'Wake' is out now on 12x50, the fifth volume in their 'Carbon' series. It's available now from the shop page priced £8, including postage to anywhere in the world. You can download a full track from the album and read the review from Boomkat, where it was album of the week, at the Jasper Leyland site.

The debut EP from improvising duo James Brewster / Peter Henning is out now on Swedish netlabel Hwem, and is available for free digital download via These five tracks see them focusing almost entirely on no input electronics, sculpting the feedback, hiss and hum of their equipment into a variety of different forms. Read more at the duo's new website here, where you can also download the EP as either MP3s or full quality WAV files. A physical version of EP has also been released on Sprachlos, as a 3" CD housed in a custom designed box, and is available from the shop page.

The second Jasper Leyland album 'Fieldstone' has now sold out, both from here and Benbecula. The only place worldwide you can still get this is Duotone in Japan, who still have a (very) few copies left. So if you want to get hold of this record then it may be worth contacting them.

"Brewster's electro-acoustic meditations maintain listening attention throughout. Even at its most abstract, Fieldstone never loses its intimate and natural character" Textura

"a fascinating odyssey of aural pleasures...don't hesitate for even a minute before picking this one up" Gaz-Eta

"a heartwarming compound of Eno, Darren Tate, Fennesz and Christopher Willits with some environmental additions" Touching Extremes

"Truly a beautiful piece of work... it really wouldn't be out of place on 12K or a label like Apestaartje" Smallfish

Jasper Leyland also now has his own website here, where you can listen to a whole track from the new album.

'a present from the future' by Mole Harness was re-released on new Japanese label Umi on March 24th. The album has been remastered and rehoused in a nice digipak, and the new version is in an edition of 1000 copies. You can now buy it here from the shop page. The original 250 copy edition of the album on Stray Dog Army has now sold out.

The Mole Harness / Jasper Leyland UK tour in December 2006 went really well, and was a great experience too, so thanks to everyone who helped organise the gigs or came along to see us play.

Venue magazine in Bristol recently published a Mole Harness interview / feature, and you can now read the full article here in the press section of the Mole Harness site.

The latest Stray Dog Army release, Mole Harness' third album 'out of the walled pathway', has received some excellent reviews:

"this is remarkable music—magisterial, heavenly, and ultimately poignant—that invites and rewards surrender" Textura

"achieve(s) that rare feat of sounding very little like any electronica act before him... The term otherworldly is overused but 'Out Of The Walled Pathway' actually justifies that description" Leonard's Lair

"More than anything it's the sheer beauty of James's work that's so striking" Smallfish

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