Review of 'a present from the future' from Vital weekly:

Stray Dog Army is a label run by James Brewster, who is also the man behind Mole Harness. I didn't hear his first album 'All Your Memories Return At Once', which was released in early 2004 on Float/Silent Age. It was made with a 'basic sampler', but for his second record he uses the computer. Not that I initially thought so. I started playing this and thought this was all made with guitars, electric and acoustic, and some delay machines. But not so, it seems, and that is quite an achievement. Mole Harness uses the original played sources on indeed a guitar and bass, but he layers the processed parts into some wonderful nice ambient music. The whole digital/computer notion appears in such a way that it is hardly noticed. The eight pieces float gently by in a harmonic and atmospheric way. The weather is cold outside, but sunny and Mole Harness delivers a perfect soundtrack for such conditions and it's a beautiful sunday morning wake up record, recovering with a hangover.

Frans de Waard

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