Review of 'a present from the future' from Venue magazine:

The second long player from Bristol-based electronica ace Mole Harness (aka James Brewster) is a welcome thing indeed. An organic-sounding piece of sustained, sublime beauty, it’s as much trad as it is, er, rad. The acoustic guitar lines, for example, often owe more to folk than they do to the stereotype of the bedroom boffin. Indeed, on tracks like ‘in a strange sea’ they carry the majority of the song, the electronica side simply providing sympathetic texture. In a sense, then, Brewster’s work draws on two 60s traditions: the folk revival, and the pioneering work of such Radiophonic Workshop members as John Baker, whose extraordinary (and extraordinarily influential) work with found sounds and tape manipulation paved the way for many of the synthesised acts that were to follow, and who never allowed such trickery to get in the way of a good song.

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