Review of 'a present from the future' from Leonard's Lair site:

Guitars and electronics aren't always the happiest of bedfellows but recent years have witnessed the likes of Tristeza and Motodestra synchronising the two with wondrous results. Mole Harness, alias James Brewster, takes his cues from these projects but cleverly playing two guitar melodies against each other; one sampled whilst the other is untreated. 'A Present From The Future' is frequently gorgeous and another album where the twists and turns lead to colourful and attractive layers of melody. The title track is a fine example; using a summery acoustic tune complemented by a sumptuous electronic accompaniment. Meanwhile, 'Interrogation In An Unknown Language' is swathed in melancholia and 'Both Of Me Forever' shimmers quite beautifully. To put it simply, this is forty minutes of sheer loveliness.

Jonathan Leonard

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