Review of 'a present from the future' from Smallfish Records:

James Brewster's Mole Harness project has consistently provided deep, atmospheric and gently manipulated guitar music and with this work he has reached a real peak, in my opinion. Put it this way - if you liked the Fenton album, you're going to absolutely love this! His guitar playing is delicate, subtle and extremely beautiful and the hypnotic nature of the phrasing gives it the kind of sound that it's incredibly easily to lock into. However, it's not just guitars as he uses electronic manipulation to give it a real twist. Never overstated, the processing sits happily in tandem with the organic sounds and really adds a great deal of extra depth. Essentially this is an album that you really need to check out and it could well be in my favourites come the end of the year. Organic / Electronica par excellence. Highly recommended.

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