Review of 'out of the walled pathway' from Leonard's Lair site:

As much about texture as melody, James Brewster's Mole Harness project achieved that rare feat of sounding very little like any electronica act before him. Rather than tread familiar ground, this time Brewster opts for a more minimalist approach that doesn't rely on studio craft but instead sees him explore a natural progression with his hypnotic melodies.

'The Sunless Pool And Home' is certainly one of the highlights; borne out of two guitar parts which appear to merge into two separate tunes but then join up again in celestial union. The shorter 'Foothills Of The Informant' and 'Fallout Census Man' are relatively straightforward sadness-imbued numbers. However, the final track 'A Feast For Regret' - for its staggering thirty minutes length - is undoubtedly the focal point for which Brewster's work must be judged. Thankfully its amalgamation of two apparently randomly joined melodies is an inspired piece of work that is dark, moving and elegantly crafted. The term otherworldly is overused but 'Out Of The Walled Pathway' actually justifies that description.

Jonathan Leonard

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