Review of 'out of the walled pathway' from Smallfish Records:

So, Mole Harness's new CD lands here at Smallfish and, as I've always been a fan of his work, it's hard not approach this new album with a broad grin on my face. More than anything it's the sheer beauty of James's work that's so striking and whether he's simply picking out a gorgeous guitar melody or layering a series of sounds with an electronic twist the result is always one of great beauty. You can hear Folk influences on the first couple of tracks with their hypnotic refrains and the addition of gentle manipulations always works a treat. There's an almost sea-shanty-esque quality to the second track in particular with a plaintive sound that conjures images of harbours and hidden coves... magical stuff. The last track is a 30 minute opus that concentrates more on the electronic side, changing and flowing at all times, yet retaining the motifs of the original melody. It's almost classical in that respect yet the sound is, once again, more traditionally based and errs towards that melancholy Folk style he does so well. The track builds and builds, adding layers of musicality and depth until it becomes quite the opus. I've always said that Mole Harness is a name to watch out for (and for good reason) so I'd suggest you check this lovely musical CD out as quick as possible. Highly, highly recommended.

Mike Oliver

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