Review of 'All Your Memories Return At Once' from Dot Alt website:

Staring out the window.
It's nice that some people are still making music that's nice. You know? Without an agenda. Without too many concepts attached, or at least without too many concepts that are foregrounded. Just pretty. Nice.
Wondering; daydreaming.
Mole Harness is the second Float Records release that I've had the pleasure to explore. The covers are all hand-made and all different. Serendipity is a theme – maybe even some of these sounds came together through chance. It wouldn't be entirely unlikely, as the pretty melodies that the tracks build upon seem frivolous, picked whimsically on an acoustic guitar somewhere, before being committed to record.
Lounging nocturnally, witnessing a beautiful dawn.
Multi-instrumental music with no catches. Emotional? Sure. Epic? Sometimes, yes. Reminiscent of all the post-rock I love? Yes, but in a way that is more minimal, so as not to say folksy. Guitar-infused, yes. Beautiful? Usually. Mole Harness share / shares in Float Records' wonderful aesthetic of homemade electronica – careful and subtle and personal and subdued. Unlike label figurehead Asteroth, Mole Harness' music is constructed of more than just light krauty loops and subtle ebb-like motions. There are lots of layers, lots of percussion rhythms introduced way into the tracks' runtime. Lots of strange little unidentifiable sounds built right in to the tracks, not over them, like crickets in the grass.
And I really, really like it. (Xv Scott)

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