Review of Mole Harness album launch at the Cube Cinema Bristol 20.1.06 from Venue magazine:

Mole Harness is a familiar and fondly regarded creature around Bristol by now, and just as his knack of simultaneously evoking air-punching fanfare and wintry melancholy remains strong on new album ‘a present from the future’, so it does in the live setting – albeit largely stripped of the hissing Detroit drum machines that made his early work so unique. Venue returns to him for an imminent feature, so let’s scrutinise this evening’s two support selections.
Norwich dweller Jasper Leyland may not have played The Cube – or indeed any venue – before, but the warm, hypnotic sound he coaxes via delicately restrained digital treatments of simple guitar tones immerses this most appropriate of spaces with the cultured caress of a seasoned electro-acoustic auteur.
Discovery of the night, however, is one Mr Gareth Dickson: a no-frills Glaswegian guitarist with a winning propensity to tease ghostly tonal ambience through basic chord sequences that resonate with something far richer than the sum of their fluidly picked parts. Once more, he’ll find few better homes.

John Stevens

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