Review of 'Stray Dog Army' from The Milk Factory website:

First release on the Mole Harness record label, Stray Dog Army follows the superb first album All Your Memories Return At Once, published last year on Bristol-based Float Records. The project of James Brewster, Mole Harness combines beautiful instrumental electronic soundscapes and guitars to create subtle melancholic compositions.
Stray Dog Army collects five tracks recorded over the last couple of years. Four of these tracks were originally released as a limited edition 3 inch CD single on Japanese label Universal Frequencies as part of their Electric Folklore series. This new version also features the previously unreleased nine-minute epic Roman Roads. While the title track was part of a live soundtrack to Kenneth Anger’s film Inauguration Of The Pleasuredome, Ending Too Soon was recorded for a stillborn project aiming at collecting one minute compositions on a 7 inch single, and Ripples On Underground Lakes was recorded shortly after All Your Memories Return At Once. The comparatively long two remaining tracks, clocking at seven-and-a-half and nine-and-a-half minutes respectively, are more recent recordings and denote a slightly more minimal approach to musical structures and streamlined arrangements. These two tracks reveal the electronic treatment applied in a much clearer way than before, as beautiful sonic landscapes emerge from clouds of looped processed guitars to develop in a variety of shapes.
Stray Dog Army gives an interesting insight into the development of Mole Harness in the last couple of years while hinting at things to come. This superb release, found somewhere at the crossroad of Isan and Greg Davis, is a deep reflection on the many connections found between atmospheric electronica and guitar-based music.

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