Club Ifor Bach, Cardiff

Mountain Men Anonymous, Mole Harness


My first gig out of Bristol, and it felt strangely liberating to play somewhere else and to people who'd never heard my music before. I'd originally sent Adam Anonymous a copy of my EP to review for the Drowned In Sound website, but instead he asked if I wanted to do a gig with his band supporting Puerto Muerto (Fire Records labelmates of War Against Sleep). Unfortunately some kind of mishap occured involving the Muertos and their plane tickets, so instead we both ended up supporting a third band selected by the venue (probably using that knack venues have of putting entirely inappropriate artists together, although I'll never know because we were already on our way home by the time they appeared). Earlier in the evening I'd put a few copies of my EP on the bar, not expecting to sell any as the place was quite empty, but I returned to the surprise that one of them was gone. I always wondered who that one person in Cardiff who owned 'Problems With Perspective' was, and a year and a half later I found out when I stumbled upon a review they'd posted on a website after the gig (click here to read it).

Set list: Crushing Dreams, Nothing's Forever, Daydream Of Dying, They're Deciding About You Now

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