Silent Night

The Cube Cinema, Dove Street

Bronnt Industries Kapital soundtracking 1922 witchcraft documentary 'Haxan'

Knowledge of Bugs & Mole Harness soundtracking Kenneth Anger's 1953 film 'Inauguration of the Pleasuredome' (pictured)


Silent Night is a regular event curated by Duncan 'War Against Sleep' Fleming, where he invites a wide range of musicians to provide original soundtracks to silent films. The epic Bronnt soundtrack to Haxan was an incredible experience, and the film was the perfect foil to inspire some of their best work. Tracks like 'Brocken' and 'Endless Pressure' built to create an overwhelming sense of otherworldly melancholy. The Kenneth Anger film which Tom and I worked with portrays a masquerade of the Gods, and our soundtrack attempted to capture the hypnotic beauty of its images. As the film begins a procession of characters are introduced: sparse live guitar and bass build over rattled chains as the Magician Lord Shiva awakes; the arrival of Pan builds to a joyful fanfare of sampled trumpets; the film climaxes in a drunken orgy of colour as images flash by to hypnotic beats and uplifting synth lines.

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