Clean Cut night

The Croft, Stokes Croft

Posthuman, Mole Harness

Set list:The Nights Are Drawing Blood, Problems With Perspective, All Your Memories Return At Once, In A Week It Won't Matter/ Stray Dog Army (unfinished versions), Crushing Dreams,They're Deciding About You Now


This is still one of my favourite gigs. It was one of those times when everything seems to come together: I was playing lots of new stuff, and also had a little mixer for the first time which meant I could play segments from minidisc between tracks, thus avoiding those embarrassing silences while I changed settings and waited for the sampler to load (30 seconds seems like an eternity when you're on stage). Jon's slides were great too, and although this was the second time he did visuals for me, the first gig had been pretty empty, so this was the first time there were enough people there to create the right atmosphere. The audience reaction also really surprised me, and spurred me on to actually enjoy the performance.

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