"Don't Tell Me To Chill Out" - An Evening Of Uptight Music

Take 5 Cafe Basement, Stokes Croft

Bronnt Industries Kapital/The Murder Path/The Landslide Purist/ Mole Harness

This event was my sole venture into the world of gig promotion. Having only a week between deciding to put it on and the date itself probably wasn't the best start. It was free to get in though, so we did manage to get quite a few people into the sealed off railway tunnel known as the Take 5 basement. Mole Harness and Landslide Purist both appeared for the first time, as did the Murder Path which featured me on guitar, Max from Bronnt on bass and our friend David Costa on drums. Despite having had only a few practices, I was for some reason convinced that we were ready to enter the live arena, and naturally the result was rather shambolic and proved to be our last appearance. We did however play a number called 'Putting A Man On The Surface Of The Sun', the guitar chords from which evolved 6 months later into a new Mole Harness track called 'They're Deciding About You Now'. One of my most vivid memories from the night is of hearing 'Theme From Hassellhoff' for the first time during a great Bronnt performance, then glancing up after some furious head-nodding to see Klaus Wickermann suddenly sporting a gas mask. At the end of Landslide Purist's set someone commented "I really liked your music - does that mean I'm ill?"

Set list: Psychological Props Vs Psychological Cops, The Nights Are Drawing Blood, Spring

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