Mole Harness, Bronnt Industries Kapital and Jasper Leyland
Cube Cinema, Dove St, Bristol
Sat 16th December 2006 / 7.30pm / £5 adv, £6 door

From the Cube programme:

Mole Harness launches third album ‘out of the walled pathway’, which sees him adopt an increasingly minimalist approach while still retaining the trademark guitar warmth, subtle electronic processing and intricate melodic structures. His acclaimed second album ‘a present from the future’ will be re-released on new Japanese label Umi in early 2007, so expect tracks from both releases reworked in a brand new live set, and complemented by slide projections from longtime visual accomplice Jonathan Williams.

Bronnt Industries Kapital return to the Cube for the first time since last year’s sold-out ‘Virtute Et Industria’ album launch. Here they will preview material from the much anticipated follow-up, stretching the limits of krautrock, Italian horror and masonic Victorian clockworktronica with a muscular new live line-up featuring Anton Maiovi (guitar, bass) and Hans Richterscalen (synthesizers), who both joined as a result of close work between Bronnt and a group of key European recruitment agencies.

Jasper Leyland brings a mix of warm drones, playful acoustic manipulations and splashes of field recordings. His recent debut album ‘Margin’ on Mole Harness’ Stray Dog Army label met with much critical approval, and its follow-up will be released in Benbecula Records ‘Minerals’ series in early 2007.

Plus DJ Lifecoach in the bar

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