Clean Cut night

The Croft, Stokes Croft

Kema Keur, Mui, Omm, Mole Harness

Set list:Overtaking Waves, Ripples On Underground Lakes, Nothing's Forever, Crushing Dreams, Daydream Of Dying, Henvice, They're Deciding About You Now


I was due to have played the previous month's Clean Cut event, but thanks to a bicycle-bound altercation with a car my wrist was still unfit for guitar duties by the time the gig came around a week later. Fortunately no collisions prevented me from appearing the following month, although incidentally I was hit by another car at exactly the same junction a few months later (it was their fault on both occasions by the way). The second time it was a taxi, and the driver tried to claim that he'd shunted me because (although both front and back lights were shining away merrily) I didn't have any SIDE LIGHTS on the bike. Trust me to invest in the only model without side lights fitted as standard, eh? Perhaps the whole event was merely karmic revenge for an incident two years previously when I caused two taxis to crash into each other while speeding down to New Trinity (my haste was motivated entirely by the desire to gain cheaper entry to the venue by arriving before 10pm).

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