The Cube Cinema, Dove Street

A Qu Junktion

Mi & L'au, Alexander Tucker (pictured) and Mole Harness



From my point of view this gig was notable not only for a typically excellent line up from Qu Junktions, with the charming intimacy of Mi and L’au and ever hypnotic Alexander Tucker, but also the fact that during my performance the ramshackle plank-of-wood-atopp-keyboard-stand I call a ‘live setup’ collapsed, leaving me desparately clutching bits of equipment hanging by cables from its remnants. My main worry was that the sampler’s power supply would detach itself, inevitably leading to the immediate deletion of all the samples I was loading for the next track (this has happened before). Mercifully it remained intact, and I was able to dust myself down and continue. Afterwards gaffatape was suggested, and valuable lessons in professionalism learnt.

Set list: a present from the future, interrogation in an unknown language, Roman roads/ Living on seaweed & moths

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