as language carves the world

Stray Dog Army


July 2007



This EP was the most spontaneously created of all six Mole Harness releases so far. The three tracks were all made during June 2007, and the main bulk of the recording was done within a couple of weeks.

It is also the first release to have been made entirely in James Brewster’s new home of Malmö, Sweden. There is a greater inclusion than before of sounds taken from the immediate and wider environment, all recorded using contact microphones (which were being used for the first time).

At 15 minutes in length the multi-sectioned ‘as i walk through walls but not windows’ is the obvious centrepiece of the release. From the outset it demontrates an interest in more deeply processed textures, and with the repetition of small fragments of sound as a means of focusing attention on the subtle details they contain. However as the track develops Brewster’s trademark melodic layered guitars then seamlessly emerge, before recombining with the initial elements and building to a more rhythmic climactic section, reminiscent of his earliest work.

By contrast the two tracks which bookend it are both shorter and completely unprocessed, their relative simplicity serving to complement this lengthy and more complex central piece.

Limited to 120 copies, sold out.

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1. as language carves the world

2. as i walk through walls but not windows

3. hunt for the counterweight