S J Esau - Stop Touching My Cat

Enormous Corpse

Enormous Corpse 4

February 2005



'Stop Touching My Cat' is an album of remixes and reworkings of tracks by SJ Esau (the moniker of Bristol based Sam Wisternoff). Sam is one of the best and most inventive songwriters around, and on this collection the likes of My Ambulance Is On Fire, Twocsinak, Bronnt Industries Kapital and ID Lab magnify the sonic imagination of his recordings until they set fire to your face. The album also contains a collaboration between SJ Esau and Why? (Anticon/ Clouddead), with Why? recording new vocals for Sam's own remix of 'Notice'. The remix CD was released to coincide with the new SJ Esau album proper, 'Wrong Faced Cat Feed Collapse', an utterly fantastic record which demands immediate purchase.

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Mole Harness contribution:

remix of Cat Track (He Has No Balls)