'Crumbling spires (sinking mercury version)' and 'The great dominions' are from a free download single on Make Mine Music, available at Bandcamp. The original version of 'Crumbling spires' is on the album 'As a hovering insect mass breaks your fall' (Make Mine Music). 'Vraikan sundan' is also from the album, though the version here is an edit of the 12 minute album track.
'The dagger' and 'Wingbeat fission (single edit)' are from a forthcoming single. The full 13 minute version of 'Wingbeat fission' is on the album, the single is just an edit of the first part of the original album track.
'Centreless 1' is from the EP Centreless (2008, Stray Dog Army) which focuses mainly on field recordings and abstract digitally processed sounds. (Download 320kbps MP3 here).
'444' is taken from the EP 'Rönnbolmsgatan Rudbecksgatan' (2008, Hwem) which consists of edits of no-input electronic improvisations by myself and Peter Henning. (Download 320kbps MP3 here).

And just to credit all the vocalists in 'The dagger', the vocals in the first part are by Suzi Gage, but those in the second part are by Suzi Gage, Linnéa Carlsson and Daniel Goody. The final 'choir in the shed' consists of Falko Teichmann, Sam Wisternoff, Guy Bartell, Gareth Dickson, Suzi Gage, Linnéa Carlsson and Daniel Goody.