Reviews of the 'Capsize' EP:

The Wire:

"Jasper Leyland is the alias of Norwich based producer Jonathan Brewster, whose pieces derive much of their charm from his meticulous laptop explorations of extended sonic periods. The title track on his debut release builds up a gentle forward motion through the slowly mutating repetition of a series of chimes; the faint sounds of bird calls and a sequence of tight rhythmic pulsations give the piece a lot of its character. The other three cuts on this EP show a similar precision and focus in their thoughtful development, so that even the false ending on closing track 'Copper' works well for him."

Ken Hollings, The Wire



"Mole Harness's Stray Dog Army label is only two releases in, but judging by the output so far we could well be witnessing the beginning of something special. Jasper Leyland provides an intriguing counterpoint to Mole Harness's guitar work by concentrating more on a drone style with looping, low-key sounds that convey a sense of melody as well as an abstract feel. Similar to some of the work on 12k and Raster Noton, but with a slightly less clinical quality to it, it really gets going on the fourth track 'Copper' which rolls in at an impressive 15 minutes long. Simply put this is to be investigated by fans of minimalistic Electronica and comes to you highly, highly recommended. Delightful."

Mike Oliver, Smallfish


Rough Trade:

"Based in Norwich, Jasper Leyland's musical work is an evolving foray into minimal drones, manipulating field recordings and taking an askew view towards the concept of rhythm. As with the Mole Harness records there is a strong element of Reich's phase patterns to Leyland's work, but by manipulating acoustic instruments, there is an obvious hark back to Fennesz's work. It must be said that by pushing his work into ambient space rock territority, it marks Leyland's efforts well above the pretenders."


Funky Mofo:

"Jasper Leyland is a creator of dream-like soundscapes and minimalist drones that transport the listener to places of relaxation and calm.
Creatively put together using loops from acoustic instruments and the occasional sampled vinyl crackle that is transformed into complex rhythms and sub-rhythms. It is a truly beautiful and delicate collection of tracks that deserve your attention.
The Capsize EP is another fantastic release from Bristol’s ‘Stray Dog Army Records’ which is quickly becoming one of the labels to watch."


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